Edition V02N1  |  Year 2023  |  Category: RESEARCH ARTICLE  |  Page 46 to 56


Isadora Aragão Silva TRABUCO,Rogério HAMERSCHMIDT,Nicole Richter Minhoto WIEMES


Tests performed intraoperatively are routine tools in cochlear implant (CI) programs worldwide. Recently, Cochlear™ launched the Nucleus Smartnav® system that describes new parameters measured during insertion of the electrode array into the cochlea, verifies its position, tests impedance and AutoNRT. Objective: To describe the use of the Cochlear™ Nucleus SmartNav® system as an intraoperative measurement tool in cochlear implant surgery. Material and Methods: Patient with bilateral and congenital profound prelingual deafness. He has been using an individual sound amplification device (PSAD) bilaterally since childhood, has reasonable speaking skills and good understanding of others’ speech. Although IC was previously indicated, he chose to keep the hearing aid. However, given the inefficient gain, mainly in the left ear, a bimodal adaptation was suggested: CI in the left ear and hearing aids in the right. At the age of 48, he underwent CI surgery on the left, using the Cochlear™ CI622 model with CP1001 speech processor and intraoperative measurements performed by the Nucleus® SmartNav system. The impedance test and NRT were also performed intraoperatively using the Nucleus® SmartNav system, after reviewing the insertion of the electrodes. Result: The measurements obtained during the insertion of the electrode array in the cochlea allowed greater intraoperative control by enabling fine adjustments in the surgical technique. Conclusion: The Nucleus Smartnav® system endorses technologies that aim to increase surgical precision and reduce complications.
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Cochlear implant. Intraoperative metrics. Automated systems. Angular depth. Average speed. Insertion time.

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Trabuco IAS, Hamerschmidt R, Wiemes NRM. Use of the nucleus Smartnav® system in intraoperative telemetry of cochlear implant. J Contemp Dis Adv Med. 2023 Jan-Apr;2(1):46-56.

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