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Melissa Ern BENEDET,João Pedro Ribeiro BAPTISTA,Ana Paula Matzenbacher VILLE,Leticia STASZCZAK,Marcos MOCELLIN,Evaldo Dacheux de MACEDO FILHO


Introduction: Rhinoseptoplasty is among the most performed surgical procedures in the world. Postoperative infection is the second major complication, and there is still no consensus on the use of antibiotics in prophylaxis. Methodology: Review articles from the last 10 years to describe and discuss the benefits of using antibiotic prophylaxis in this procedure. Results: Found 12 articles on the subject, analyzing the postoperative complications and the use of antibiotics. Discussion: Infection, despite being the second main complication after the procedure, is rare. The use of prophylactic antibiotics is recommended in books that describe the procedure, however, studies show that there is no great benefit in its use without a good preoperative evaluation. Two other studies also suggest that the culture of the site to be operated on could better support the use of antimicrobials. Conclusion: Antibiotic prophylaxis should be indicated with caution as it may favor antimicrobial resistance. Furthermore, there is no consensus in the literature about the real benefit of its use.
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Rhinoplasty. Rhinoseptoplasty. Infection. Postoperative Period

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Benedet ME, Baptista JPR, Ville APM, Staszczak L, Mocellin M, Macedo Filho ED. Infections in functional and aesthetic rhinoseptoplasty: narrative literature review. J Contemp Dis Adv Med. 2023 Jan-Apr;2(1):64-74.

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