Edition V01N2  |  Year 2022  |  Category: Research Article  |  Page 67 to 78


Barbara de Paula CIONI, Cézar Augusto Sarraf BERGER


Introduction: The Internet has become a common resource for patients seeking information on medical conditions, including aesthetic surgeries. Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate, by means of a questionnaire, the opinion of patients candidates or already submitted to rhinoplasty regarding what they would like to see in the social networks of nose plastic surgeons. Materials and Methods: The questionnaire was applied to 50 patients candidates for nasal plastic surgery. Results: It was found that 96% of the sample used some kind of social network. But only 4% used social networks to choose their surgeon. It was observed the desire of the vast majority of patients to see more informative posts on medical social networks, and the influence that photographs of surgical results have on the choice of their surgeon. Conclusion: Knowledge about the interests of patients is of fundamental importance in suggesting what plastic nose surgeons should consider publishing, and also what should be avoided in their social media marketing, to attract clients.
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Social media. Rhinoplasty. Patients.

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Cioni BP, Berger CAS. Rhinoplasty and social media: the patient’s view. J Contemp Dis Adv Med. 2022 May- Aug;1(2):67-78.

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