Edition V01N1  |  Year 2022  |  Category: Research Article  |  Page 112 to 120


Giovana Spilere PERUCHI, Rogério HAMERSCHMIDT, Johann G. G. Melcherts HURTADO


Stapedotomy is a challenging ear surgery, with known risks and limitations, and with a great impact on the patient’s life. The microscope has long been established as the way to perform the procedure. With the advent of the endoscope, accompanied by a broad view of the anatomy of the middle ear and its structures, surgeons have increasingly opted for this means of access. Both have an endaural approach, showing similar audiometric results, each with its advantages and disadvantages. This study makes a comparison between the ways to perform stapedotomy: microscope and endoscope. Patients with otosclerosis and indication for surgery were selected, and microscopic or endoscopic stapedotomy were performed randomly, according to the surgeon’s preference. Two months after the intervention, audiometric results, intraoperative complications, postoperative symptoms, and time taken to perform each route were compared. Based on these data, it was observed that regardless of the means of access, the results were equivalent, with the advantage of a broader view using the endoscope, demanding a longer procedure time. The choice of method must be made according to the skill of each surgeon.
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Ear surgery, Stapedotomy. Otosclerosis, Endoscopic stapedotomy

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Peruchi GS, Hamerschmidt R, Hurtado JGG. Comparison between microscopic and endoscopic stapedotomy. J Contemp Dis Adv Med. 2022 Jan-Apr;1(1):112-20.

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